Home Buying Guide - House Hunting

Step 4: Start house hunting while being mindful of non-mortgage related expenses.

The house hunting process can be a fun and exciting one. It can also be challenging and overwhelming at the same time. Here are some tips and questions to keep in mind when house hunting to ensure a smooth house hunting and home buying process.

• TIP: Stay within your budget.
• What type of home do you want?

  • Single family, condo, townhouse?
  • Old or new?

• Choose a few towns/neighborhoods that meet your needs. Here are some questions to consider when choosing your towns and neighborhoods.

  • Do you want to live in or close to the city? Are you more interested in suburban or rural areas?
  • How far is the commute to work?
  • If you work in Boston, is there a commuter rail that goes into Boston?
  • What is the school system like for elementary school, middle school and high school? • Ratings are from 1-10. Ratings closer to 10 are top school systems.
  • What kind of community are you interested in?
    ​- Communities with a lot of recreational activities?
    - Communities with access to restaurants and shops?
    - Communities that are kid friendly?
  • How much privacy do you want?

• TIP: Visit these towns and neighborhoods during the day and evening, as well as during the week and weekends to get a sense of the community.

• TIP: Consider the resale value. Here are features that maximize resale value: 1) Location and Safety, 2) Home Layout & Size 3) School District and 4) Curb Appeal. Educating yourself on the local market by going through these questions will help you prioritize and make a good decision on which home to purchase. Your realtor will help you with these questions.

One last piece of advice: Don’t let the perfect ruin the good.