Home Buying Guide - Gather Paystub and Tax Returns/W2’s

Step 1: Gather a recent paystub and last 2 years tax returns/w2’s. 

Being prepared is one of the most important things you can do when buying a home. Before you apply for a mortgage, we recommend that you gather all your paperwork. In doing so, this will ensure a smooth home buying and closing process. Below is a list of documents that you and your co-borrowers may need in order to complete your mortgage application.

Employment History and Income

• Most recent month of paystubs

-If you get paid weekly, you will need your last five pay stubs.
-If you get paid bi-weekly, you will need your last three pay stubs.
-If you get paid monthly, you will need your last pay stub.
-Please note that pay stubs cannot be more than one month old.

• Most recent 2 years of W-2's 

- Your W-2 is given to you every year by your employer so you can do your taxes. Your employer provides your W-2.
- You can find a copy of your W-2 attached to your tax return.

• If self employed, completed personal and corporate tax returns with current profit and loss statement

• Proof of other income (award letters for social security, retirement, pension or military retirement)

Click on our mortgage checklist for more details.

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