Miller Mortgage VS Brick and Mortar

Hi Folks,


Frequent questions I get are ‘How does Miller Mortgage, LLC offer rates .25% or better than Brick and Mortar banks?’  Or ‘Why can Miller Mortgage, LLC offer no points no closing costs and my bank cannot?’


There’s a few reasons:


1)    Brick and Mortar locations have a lot more overhead and pass this on to you. 

2)    Brick and Mortar locations don’t specialize in mortgages or executing the sharpest rates on clients behalf. Miller Mortgage, LLC specializes in mortgages and searches for the best rate Fannie, Freddie, FHA, or VA can offer.

3)    Miller Mortgage, LLC carries ZERO debt and thus has no need to charge more for your mortgage!  Compare this with the National Mortgage companies and banks that carry HUGE debt and pass on higher costs to borrowers.  They rely on borrowers that don’t shop or having really good sales people!


Bottom-line, you go through a Brick and Mortar location you are costing yourself thousands of dollars!  Miller Mortgage, LLC, an A+ BBB member are experts at mortgages and can deliver your loan to Fannie, Freddie, or FHA for  less!




Chris Miller


Miller Mortgage, LLC.

978-535-1822 (office)

866-289-7495 (fax)

877-538-7967 (toll free)

515 Lowell Street Suite 1 Peabody, MA 01960

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