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Information About Mortgage Tax Benefits

  • One of the most important benefits of buying a home and having a mortgage is the mortgage interest expense income tax deduction.  For most borrowers, the mortgage tax deduction provides a significant, positive financial impact and is an important factor in determining how much home they can afford.  The interest expense tax benefit helps to offset property taxes, homeowners insurance and other monthly housing expenses you pay when you own a home.


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Miller Mortgage VS Brick and Mortar

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Frequent questions I get are ‘How does Miller Mortgage, LLC offer rates .25% or better than Brick and Mortar banks?’  Or ‘Why can Miller Mortgage, LLC offer no points no closing costs and my bank cannot?’


There’s a few reasons:


1)    Brick and Mortar locations have a lot more overhead and pass this on to you. 

Purchase Your Home With Just 1% Down!

Fannie Mae HomeStyle Renovation Program


The HomeStyle Renovation program allows borrowers to obtain a single loan to purchase a property or refinance an existing loan and complete renovations/repairs/improvements after loan closing using the “After-Improved” value of the property.

·         No minimum dollar amount for repairs.  Renovation/repair costs allowed up to 50% of the “After-Improved” value of the property

·         Mortgage amount based on the projected value of the property with all work completed

·         Improvements must be permanently affixed to the property and add value

6 Valuable Lessons To Improve Your Credit

1. Paying interest is one tough chore (*Making monthly credit card payments isn’t fun. But the pain compounds when you’re paying interest on top if it).

2. Even a half-percentage interest-rate reduction matters (Negotiating isn’t always on the docket for financial literacy programs, but it’s worth mentioning — some numbers carry more wiggle room than you’d expect)


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